Haunted Hiking in Malheur Butte, Malheur County, Oregon

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Malheur Butte is one of Oregon’s most haunted locations. In Southeastern Oregon is Malheur County, which has a population of about 31,000. Malheur in French means tragedy or misfortune, which is fitting considering the dark history of the region. Malheur Butte rising 2592 feet, overlooks Ontario, the largest city in the county. The Butte towers over the lush farmland. The peak has an eerie appearance as the suns sets in the evening but appears to be even more menacing to some visitors since it’s said to be haunted.


History of Malheur Butte

The Malheur Butte haunted volcano has been inactive for millions of years but has been the scene of numerous paranormal occurrences. The Butte is one of the most visited places in Oregon and was once a lookout of Indians watching for wagon trains of settlers coming across the Oregon Trail. No one knows how many people may have met with untimely deaths on the trail.


Haunted Hiking Trail

The area surrounding Malheur Butte has been said to be one of the most haunted hikes in Oregon. Backpackers have reported seeing dark shadows that seem to screech at them. A lot of paranormal activity seems to occur after dark, so if you’re hiking near the Butte at night, be ready for anything.


Covens of Witches

According to local legend, Malheur Butte was at one time a place for witches to gather. The covens met there for their rituals. Wiccans were drawn to the area to conduct their ceremonies because of the proximity of the Snake River which flows north to south.


Sightings of Apparitions

A lot of visitors to Ontario and Malehur Butte have reported frightening experiences, especially at night. Many people have told tales of small, shadowy creatures that are about the size of a small dog. People have been terrified by the chilling sounds the creatures emanate.

As darkness fell one night, a woman was chased back to her car by some type of dark, shadow-like apparition that she wasn’t able to see well. A similar occurrence was reported prior to what the woman experienced, and a number of witnesses have told stories of these apparitions.

One of the things the Beaver State is known for is its haunted hiking trails. If you go to Malheur Butte, you may hear the chanting of the witches as they perform their ceremonies or see one of the spectral creatures.


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